Youth Global Forum: Fun Facts and Quizz

Posted on May 25, 2019


Last week we had a quiz for you, but only some of you had correct replies. Question 2,4 and 5 seemed to be the hardest. Please see below: 

1) Amsterdam was founded as which type of community in the thirteenth century?

Correct answer: D. Fishing Village

2) What is the common name of the Amsterdam version of Gothic architecture?

Correct answer: D. Polder Gothic

3) How many canals are in Amsterdam?

Correct answer: C. 160

4) Since what year Youth Time Idea Grant started to be rewarded?

Correct answer: 2012 (Rhodes forum)

Rhodes Youth Forum 2012 has been held from Sep­tem­ber 28th to Octo­ber 1st on the Rhodes Island.
More than 100 young peo­ple were gath­ered together to present their projects in dif­fer­ent spheres such as social life, infra­struc­ture, space, media and com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

5) On solution of what social issue and where was targeted the winning project of the very first Youth Global Forum?

Correct answer: Health for community leaders in Nepal

16 youth initiatives “batteld” for the main prize of the forum – a realization grant. And the winner was fabulous Swekshya Neupane from Nepal thanks to her very important social project “Health for female community leaders”. Swekshya planned to launch a six-month-long educational project for 200 hundred women in Nepalese rural areas.

More info:

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