What it takes to be Magnificent with Abiot Ledwaba

Posted on July 5, 2018


Young people are not interested in solving problems. We want to become entrepreneurs because we are fixated with a showy lifestyle that we see on social media or we’re excited with the idea of being our own boss.

Communications and PR entrepreneur Abiot Mahlatse Ledwaba has known about the value of solving problems since he was 18 when he had to sell oranges to raise money for his matric dance, “I would buy oranges in Limpopo because it’s much cheaper then bring them back to Johannesburg and sell them to make a profit. I raised enough money to attend the dance and to buy myself an entirely tailored outfit from my suit and shirt to my shoes”.

Three years later, Abiot graduated from Varisty College with a national diploma in PR and Communications Management and was thrust into entrepreneurship after multiple failed attempts at finding a job. In 2017, he founded Magnificent Communications – a marketing and PR agency specializing in brand, event and social media management.  The agency has already worked with one of South Africa’s fastest growing digital radio stations, Massive Metro and the first 100 % black-owned energy drink, Mofaya. “My social media division is responsible for Masive Metro’s 30 000 online following. I built it from scratch and managed it until I was confident that I had built a formula that they could use and control themselves”. Magnificent Communications has also worked with brands like Skinny Sbu Socks,  is responsible for the brand management of Jaagbaan Lodge in Limpopo and personal social media management for artists like DJ Switch.


Switch is a very busy person and he has work commitments literally everyday so he cannot constantly be on his phone, tweeting and connecting with his audience. So I do that on his behalf. Again, simply solving a problem


Having pursued entrepreneurship straight out of university, he’s had to learn how to approach and convince clients to trust him with their image. The South African PR industry is growing rapidly but it’s also inundated with small PR firms which at face value, seem to offer the exact same services.

People think that PR is simple because anybody can be on social media or throw an event together. A lot can be happening on social media at once but it takes a certain kind of skill to curate content that will capture people’s attention or to make an event trend on Twitter. That’s why I don’t really look at what the competition is doing because I know I have the formal background that I need to do this job well


Abiot holds the view that Limpopo is the new ‘city of gold’ because of its untapped market potential and so he conducts most of his business in the province. His vision for Magnificent Communications is inspired by role model Farah Fortune who started her PR and communications company – African Star Communications –  from her bedroom with just R 1000 in her bank account. “Farah now runs a multi-million rand agency and she works with big international brands like Liverpool and Ciroc. I want to go that far with Magnificent Communications. I want to build a powerhouse agency so that young kids from Limpopo know that if I can do it, they can do anything too. ”

Written by: Dimpho Lekgeu

Dimpho Lekgeu is an award nominated radio journalist and digital writer. She began her work in the Ann7 newsroom at 19, hosting daily news programs and the daily African bulletin. She aims to create dynamic platforms for African youth to tell their stories and be inspired. She’s Christian and believes in black girl magic.