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Twelve and only getting started.

Posted on February 10, 2015

I am just another twelve year old girl with friends, homework and hobbies. The only thing different about me is that I followed my dream (with the help of my parents of course!) They wanted me to know they believed in me, and that I too should believe in myself.

In the second grade—when silly bands were popular—I had just gotten a pair of glasses. I put a ring size silly band on my new frames and found that everyone around me thought it was an amazing idea—my neighbours, my parents, everyone! To the extent that they suggested that I patent the idea. My parents thought it would be a really good learning experience for me to take on something that I conceived on my own, then help me follow it through—as an exercise. If something became of it, great! But there is always much to learn in the process of failure as well!

There is really nothing like I-Wear Charmz in the market so the product is special and new. It gives kids a way of expressing themselves and really helps little children getting glasses for the first time to enjoy wearing them. We have had lots of small successes, but getting I-Wear Charmz into Claire’s, the accessories store, was a big achievement for me.

There were certainly times when I doubted the success of the business. I questioned whether or not I would ever be able to do anything with it. This happened more than once. This experience, however, helped me find out who my friends really were. My true friends always told me that it was an amazing idea and were excited that I came up with it. They were the ones standing by my side through all of it and making sure that I was always happy and knew that everything would work out. I thank all of them who helped make this dream come true.

My name is Tess Mellinger, the founder of I-Wear Charmz

I Am Youngpreneur

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