The Unique Experience of Grove Audio

Posted on June 19, 2016

“My first memory of music was Daft Punk’s around the world. I remember it (ironically) blaring through the speakers of the television set at home. It had been a music video. Even though the medium has changed, the love and appreciation for audio continued – even until now.”

Tshepo Sedumo is the founder of Grove Audio, a basic electronics company that provides authentic music experience in the form of a modern day boombox. Using Bluetooth technology customers are able to connect their smartphones to listen the sounds of their curated playlists. Hand made from wood, the craft produces 50 watts of output in sound quality for the G2 model. Other products are available for purchase.
Given that the product is largely new in the market – having only been in existence for the past month, after spending two years in research and development – Tshepo’s itinerary is usually made up of waking up and seeing what next can be done to expand the business from both a marketing and sales perspective. “I am officially alone in the team. However, I do get much assistance from my siblings who work with no reward at this point. It works out because above all, I trust them.”
The company is sitting at an impressive stance of 75% of its initial product offering having already sold. It seems that the business model of niche marketing within an established industry (with major players) works. Further contradicting the laws of enterprise, Grove Audio works against the consumer trends observed in the past years: for the first time in a long time bigger and less portable is better – and the market is buying it. This proves that no matter the idea, there’s always a potential market for it.
G2 Boomboxes
Proving in great detail the potentials of Grove Audio is New York based entrepreneur Mr Simo who produced boomboxes from vintage suitcases. With various offerings available across the world, even on the streets of Tokyo, Japan, it seems that customers are increasingly inclined to products that are customized. “The boombox is a form factor,” concludes Tshepo, “the company is simply presenting my unique interpretation of the portable audio industry.”
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