The Journey is Long: Keep Pushing

Posted on November 6, 2015

In the last two quarters, several Nigerian e-commerce startups have closed shop… These were all companies with founders, visions, dreams, and a team—and now, they don’t exist. What always struck me is the way [that they close down]: there is never a farewell message on their website, or Twitter or Instagram; even our local tech blogs ignore their demise. It’s almost as if death comes at night and all you’re left with is a homepage link that doesn’t open.

For every e-commerce company that shuts down, there are 10 more setting up in its place. Most will last for a quarter, some a year or two, and a small minority longer.

Whatever the case, what holds true is that there is a long, winding road to sustainability and profitability for all Nigerian Internet startups. —Honey Ogundeyi

Source: Blog

Honey Ogundeyi carved a niche for herself in the e-commerce sector with Fashpa.com which was borne out of the frustration she felt at the limited access to fashion in Nigeria. Combining her experience in technology (through Ericsson and Google), and her passion for fashion, it was easy to make the transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, with the aim of providing trendy clothes through a viable platform to a variety of audiences seeking a convenient online shopping experience.

Edited by Sharon Green, Editor-in-Chief