The Blue Ocean of Interior Design

Posted on October 20, 2014

When I was a kid I used to spend hours making furniture for my Barbies and setting up their home before I even got to the actual ‘playing’. As a teenager my mother would also quip that if you stood in one place in my room for too long, you would be painted and redecorated. The art of design has always been a part of me. This passion, God, family and friends is collectively the inspiration that allows me to overcome all the challenges I face in pursuing the dream: Sion Studios.

After having moved in design circles for a while, I realized that Interior Designer services were very exclusive and only available to clients with big projects and even bigger budgets. There was no one catering to the much bigger ‘mass market’ of people who may just want advice on how to place their furniture in a space or what colors to paint the walls and didn’t have a huge budget for it. In addition, Interior Designers have always limited themselves to only being able to service clients in person. For this reason, I decided to branch into the online market and make my services available to anyone, anywhere in the world with Internet access. By simply emailing me photos of their space and basic measurements, I am able to not only reply with design advice, but also with technical drawings/3D perspectives and/or photoshop images of what their space could look like.

Sion Studios offers the services of a professional Interior Designer available to not only clients in the local vicinity, but also to the online community. Providing consulting on even the most basic design advice, such as the arrangement of furniture and wall colors to the more technical design elements such as technical drawings and 3D models. Thus, catering to a much wider demographic of clients in need of design services, without needing the large budget.

One of the biggest challenges I faced when starting out was cash flow/ capital (which I think is the same for most entrepreneurs, but also the very reason they decide to be entrepreneurs in the first place). I do believe however, that it is the entrepreneurs who don’t let lack of cash stop them, that are the ones who become truly successful. It took a lot of time and sleepless nights to find new ways of doing things that wouldn’t require much cash upfront, that helped me to get going, but that’s part of being an entrepreneur, it’s seeing a problem and creating a solution. I received some help from my Dad in the beginning, but had to do thorough research and give my reasons to motivate why he should ‘invest’ in my business, which at that stage was R1500.

Since the beginning of the year, I have had a really great variety of projects and clients, including doing the revamping of a church reception to a coffee shop and gallery space, a few logo, poster and web designs, as well as the Interior Design of a Cuban Restaurant, which also included doing their menu and website design. I am currently very excited to be starting on some new ventures and projects that I know will continue to expand my business and further develop my design skills.
The lessons I have learnt so far, are extremely simple, and ones that we have all heard over and over again…

  • Ask for help.
  • Be patient. (Rome really wasn’t built in a day, and I daily need to remind myself not to be impatient with myself.)
  • Read, Research and Revise, Regularly!! (The industry is constantly changing and I need to stay ahead of the game as well as revise the basics on a regular basis)
  • Stay focused. (Regularly ask myself, what am I doing? Why am I doing it? What is the bigger picture?)

Ask for help. There are many people in our lives that can help us, and want to help us, we just need to put our pride in our pocket and ask.


Keziah Swinford – Founder of Sion Studios

I Am Youngpreneur


  • TND

    Hello Keyziah, it is an interesting topic you’ve bring, the blue ocean of interior design. My question is, did you mean the blue ocean is self is lying on the “very basic market of interior service” such the basic advices ?
    Are you do this ( the basic advices ;color, 3d preview,etc) for free ?
    What we should do when there are lots of prospect ( not yet a client) asking for the basic service in the same time ?
    Do you have a mechanism in attempt the prospect to be the client ?

    I also a start up in this industry in Indonesia, and wondering about the blue ocean topic around interior design market. So , i wish to have your thought on this.