The African Story is Being Retold

“My good friend OfentseLetebele was selected as the BOS Ice Tea design-a-can competition winner in 2014 and he asked me to assist him with his PR campaign to which I agreed because that’s what friends do”, she explains. After a successful campaign, Mamabolo was approached by more young entrepreneurs in her circle to do PR and media relations work.

What Brexit Means for Young Entrepreneurs

On June 23 the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. The result has caused a ripple of effects in the business world as young entrepreneurs and business leaders alike maneuver to establish what this means for their companies.
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Quiq-e with Laurian: Siba the Entrepreneur

Quiq-e is a bite-sized entertainment show presented by Laurian Nortje. In this episode, celebrity chef Siba Mtongana reveals how she stays at the competitive edge of her industry by keeping abreast of local and international trends. Mtongana is best known for hosting the Food Network show Siba’s Table.

Confessions: Never Too Late to Start Again

I am a technology fanatic. This should always be clear. I am Angolan, young, and fascinated by the meeting of imagination and creation that technology always facilitates. My relationship with technology proves to me, every day, that I (as an individual) and we (as a population) are creators first and creatives at best. Continue Reading →

A Modern Day Classic: The Untold Story of the Spinach King

Lufefe Nomjana is one of South Africa’s most celebrated young entrepreneurs. After creating spinach bread, he quickly found international fame as the “spinach king.” But the journey of the entrepreneur wasn’t always easy. After being exposed to the “wrong side” of life he found his way back to his “purpose” and started the company, all to leave a legacy for his family.

Waste Not, Want Not: The Shoe that Changed it All!

“You are your most valuable asset and resource, and can be exploited to achieve great things.” —Roberto Gallotta, Co-Founder of Sols Sandals

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Next stop, success!

In the year of my matriculation from high school there was a sudden boom in interest for premium virgin hair. This kind of hair was not easily accessible. The market was not saturated either. So, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. I recall sitting at a hair salon, one day, and over hearing my hair-dresser in converse about their launch. They were looking for models to showcase the stock of  the premium virgin hair by a supplier. The audacity in me saw an opportunity. Getting up from my chair, I approached the hair-dresser and told him that I could arrange the girls for free (given that they would receive premium hair to the value of R3000). It was my buy-in; my “research costs” to acquaint myself with the supplier. We met at the launch, cut out the middle man, and the rest is history. Continue Reading →

A Vegetable Quiq-e: Creating a Global Brand

Casey Veggies and Anwar Carrots of Peas & Carrots International share on their creative tips to building a global brand. Revolutionizing street culture the entrepreneurial team has branched into South Africa after finding success in the United States and United Kingdom.

Cutting the costs of Accounting

For the founders of Outsourced CFO, financial planning is at the heart of a thriving business. The company provides businesses the services of Chartered Accountants without the costs of employing them. They find being at The Barn to be a working strategy as they literally operate where their customers are.

In the Tech Doctor’s Room

Medical doctors create The Open Medicine Project. The organisation makes use of technology to help health care workers by providing them with the right information required at the point of care. One of their applications detects the emergency state of the patient based on its’ symptoms. The Bandwidth Barn creates the environment for the doctors to connect with techies.

Selling Ice in Winter

Co-Founder of Las Paletas (Spanish for ice lollies) talks about how her & her husband have successfully built the now famed sorbet and dairy brand. By adjusting their product offering they were able to convert the seasonal product into a must-have in winter.

The Travelling Brand

The four founders of Vagabond Kitchens employ a dynamic strategy: their brand identity changes as their location changes – being true to their name. In a world where identity and location impact success, these entrepreneurs are flipping the concepts of strategy 101 over.

Butter just got nutty!

Anton van Heerden is the founder of ButtaNutt Tree Nut Spreads. At the Good Food & Wine Show he shares on the dynamics of growing his business. First he must educate his market, then sell his products to his consumers and continue to build strong relationships with both suppliers of tree nuts and the consumers. This simple procedure (after a year of operation) has allowed him to expand his product offering.

How to turn your craving into a sweet success

Susan Labuschagne and her sister are behind the founding of the successful family business: Sweet Temptations Toffees. At the Good Food & Wine Show 2014 she shares how her mother’s business influence has grown her confidence and communication skills to help interact with customers.

Susan’s role in the family business is customer interaction and sales, and encourages other young entrepreneurs to be confident in what they do.

Ethical Food that Actually Tastes Good!

Four principles behind building an organic food brand!

Founders of “Inside & You’re Out” share their strategy behind the success of the brand at the Good Food & Wine Show 2014. The company is a mobile burger concept of seriously gourmet organic burgers – a first on the African continent!

The Department of Coffee: A fresh cup of reality

The Department of Coffee


The founders of Department of Coffee (DOC) explore the challenges of bringing a new entrepreneurial concept to an environment. Is it possible to introduce a market to a new idea, or should one work with ideas known to be successful in specific communities?

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The entrepreneurial tragedy

Without differentiation in the market, there is no growth. Without growth, there is no business. Its that simple! Continue Reading →


School robotics: using robots to solve the African education problem

My name is Solomon King. I am 30, Ugandan, and believe that robotics can transform education across Africa.

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Its ok to Burp … when you are making money from it!

We only care about the problems identified. That is the purpose of our business … to provide the solutions.  Continue Reading →

“The Hubspace” #iamyoungpreneur

Taking kids from the streets to the boadroom

Creating wealth ekasi (township) #iamyoungpreneur

A township is not a place for the poor. Well, at least not in Vincent’s case.

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Tyovan Ari: The IT Protégée

I started my business illegally. It didn’t stop me from doing business with  the government.

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The Next Big Beverage #iamyoungpreneur

Trauma surgeon, check! New beverage company, check! Successful beverage company turning the heads of Coke … check!  Continue Reading →


My Zimbabwe, Her Zimbabwe

Having a team of two, reaching 300 000 people per month … good enough start!  Continue Reading →

Constant Meiring, aisle_B’s tech guru

I was privileged enough to grow up in front of a computer – while other kids were playing rugby, I was playing around with programming and playing Space Quest. Now I am the one who is rich.

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Stuart Minnaar – You are the Brand

It’s simple, if you are not on the internet, you do not exist!

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