A Vegetable Quiq-e: Creating a Global Brand

Casey Veggies and Anwar Carrots of Peas & Carrots International share on their creative tips to building a global brand. Revolutionizing street culture the entrepreneurial team has branched into South Africa after finding success in the United States and United Kingdom.

Stitching to Make it: Urban Culture 101

Diva and Sarah of Merwe Mode (a young South African Fashion Label that’s mixing its European street fashion influences with the creativity and independence of South African designs) dispels the myths about being successful in the fashion industry: “it’s not…about how you dress…it’s how the stitching looks!”

Butan: The Remix of Bantu Culture

Julian Kubel (founder) and brand rep Sammy of Butan talk about the financial challenges faced by designers in Street Wear – including lack of trust by investors. Butan Wear (founded in Cape Town) remixes the cultural heritage of South Africa, and gives it a new meaning. Over the years, the brand has expanded across Southern Africa, and is endorsed by various celebrated personalities such as Proverb and Slikour.