My Worst Day: 18 Gangster Museum

Wandisile Nqeketho shares on the disappointments he’d face as a young entrepreneur looking for funding for his interactive gangster museum

My Worst Day: Communication with Client

Mali Tyafa realized the need to communicate with the client at their level of understanding. Ezibukwayo Interactive, his design company, now adapts effective communication as a key business object. The company is based in Khayelitsha

My Worst Day: Closing a Deal Before Cash

Siyavuya Mlungu is an entrepreneur at Hubspace Khayelitsha – an incubator for entrepreneurs in limited resource communities. His company, Growth Business Consultancy, mentors small business entrepreneurs. He often asks entrepreneurs the question: do you have a customer?


The Department of Coffee: A fresh cup of reality

The Department of Coffee


The founders of Department of Coffee (DOC) explore the challenges of bringing a new entrepreneurial concept to an environment. Is it possible to introduce a market to a new idea, or should one work with ideas known to be successful in specific communities?

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“The Hubspace” #iamyoungpreneur

Taking kids from the streets to the boadroom

Creating wealth ekasi (township) #iamyoungpreneur

A township is not a place for the poor. Well, at least not in Vincent’s case.

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