Start Somewhere, Then Build!

“Before we started, we were just a bunch of guys in college. When we would walk into a company like MTN to present our ideas, they seemed to look at us and think: ‘You really think you can do this?’

We quickly learned that you have to do something extraordinary in first, before people notice you, and take you seriously. Start somewhere, then build!”

I Am Youngpreneur

Gerard Yitamkey, Co-Founder and CEO of Ahonya: a Ghanaian startup providing an e-commerce platform for electronics and computers.


The personality of African youth entrepreneurship

Chineye Okoro Onu, of Mosaicspiration Project, inculcates artists in Ghana with social enterprise and innovation skills, by converting waste into art, and selling it for profits. Onu has faced many challenges in her entrepreneurial journey – but her smile and engaging personality has helped to keep both her and her team inspired.

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