The Business of a Girl Boss

21 Year old digital entrepreneur Tebatso Molapo says she was frustrated with the fact that most of the successful business owners in the small town from which she hails were men. “I saw a gap in  female-owned businesses in my hometown in Limpopo and I wanted to create a platform that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship while also building a sisterhood among female entrepreneurs.”

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The Difference Between a Brand and a Business

Blackstone Bookshop is a family affair and we have all played a role in bringing this idea to a reality. I saw a gap in the market and made a suggestion to my family about the concept. After toying around it for a little while, our idea became a reality in 2010, and upon my return home in December of that year, I was involved in the daily operations and trying to re-integrate myself into the business landscape in Zimbabwe. Continue Reading →

I am the Queen of Vintage

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I am Kamran Elahian. I celebrate failure.

People ask me why I care so much about entrepreneurs. The reason is rather selfish: If you care about the planet, and the quality of life – you will care about the entrepreneur, it is the only way that both can be fulfilled.

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