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Shen Scott: From a Movement to the Boardroom

Posted on March 8, 2018

Pretoria-based creative entrepreneur is changing perceptions and challenging social norms – one image at a time. After realizing the interest for his photographs on social media, he joined a local university newspaper as a photojournalist and did a short internship withThe Times. Later that year, Shen Scott was at the forefront of capturing the iconic #FeesMustFall movement in protest action.

“That’s probably where I first started seeing the power of photography as documentation and a means to tell a story. #FeesMustFall was the clearest indication of the impact photography can have and the importance of capturing our world.”

Having combined all of these experiences he launched Culture Capital – a creative agency through which he aims to tackle some problems that he’s identified in the creative industry.

  • First; create a one-stop creative solution for start-ups,
  • Second; rid the industry of the “starving artist” stereotype.


Having worked for years as a photographer, and only earning income periodically, he had to quickly understand the business aspects of a creative industry. To change this, he put together a team of skilled and talented creatives who use the Culture Capital platform to perfect their work and earn from it, whilst he focuses on getting new clients.

“I found that creative services are often needed in combination. If you are starting a business you will need branding, a website, photographs and videos of your work for portfolio and social media purposes. To get all this done you might have to hire many contractors, explain your vision repeatedly and keep track of multiple deadlines.”

With just over a year in business, Culture Capital is already making strides in the industry with clients including Allan Gray and Teenzone Magazine. However, surprisingly, given the tools of technology and social media to make market entry easy, he doesn’t feel the pressure to remain relevant.

“Competition is an illusion! The more people that are in the space the more we can learn from and inspire one another.”


For more information visit http://culturecapital.co.za/

Staff Writer: Dimpho Lekgeu

Dimpho Lekgeu is an award nominated media enthusiast who loves to write about young people shaking up the world.  She’s Christian and believes in #blackgirlmagic.

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