Pioneering Principles for Innovation and Scale Harambeans at Work: Episode 1 // Jeremy Johnson

Posted on June 25, 2019

We have recently created a podcast series called Harambeans at Work, that explores the development of Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem through the fostering of relationships and creation of systems that enable innovation and scale. This podcast series democratises information; empowering ordinary Africans to do extraordinary things. 
On today’s show we meet up with legendary entrepreneur Jeremy Johnson who is the CEO of Andela which he co-founded with Harambean Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, who joined our Alliance in 2010. Andela is a pioneering startup that builds distributed engineering teams with Africa’s top software engineers. They have recently raised $100 million Series D funding. Johnson shares on the journey of Andela from idea to scale, as well as on the principles of entrepreneurship that allow for true innovation and growth. This podcast has been brought to you by Harambeans in partnership with Youngpreneur Media.