Quiq-e with Laurian: Lazuli designer—future doctor by day, successful fashion entrepreneur by night

Quiq-e is a bite-sized entertainment show presented by Laurian Nortje. In this episode we meet up with Layla Cassim of Lazuli to talk about design, passion, brand growth, and juggling med-school with the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Empowering the Black Female Voice

I am a young black woman who self-identifies as a black feminist. I am inspired by the ideals of black consciousness, feminism, and pan-Africanism. Those ideals are the foundation for what I do on a daily basis as a young media entrepreneur who wants to tell the stories of Africans in general and African women in particular. The work that I do is about consciousness-raising, and ensuring that as young black people, we have the freedom and ability to realise our full potential in a world that affirms us.

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Quiq-e with Laurian: Trevor Stuurman—Elle Magazine Style Reporter

Quiq-e is a bite-sized entertainment show presented by Laurian Nortje. In this episode we meet up with South Africa’s fashion and photography industry heavyweight Trevor Stuurman. We talk entrepreneurship, social media and design, all rolled up in a quiq-e.

Quiq-e with Laduma Ngxokolo of Maxhosa: Africa’s Trendiest Designer

Quiq-e is bite-sized entertainment show presented by Laurian Nortje. In this episode we meet up with internationally acclaimed Laduma Ngxokolo to talk business, design, magazine covers and creativity—all knitted together in a quiq-e.

A Modern Day Classic: The Untold Story of the Spinach King

Lufefe Nomjana is one of South Africa’s most celebrated young entrepreneurs. After creating spinach bread, he quickly found international fame as the “spinach king.” But the journey of the entrepreneur wasn’t always easy. After being exposed to the “wrong side” of life he found his way back to his “purpose” and started the company, all to leave a legacy for his family.

It is Not “African Fashion,” It is Design!

I didn’t have many opportunities at home. At the time where I should have been preparing to attend a tertiary education institution in Burkina Faso I was discouraged by the socio-economic environment that plagued my immediate society.  There were public issues at the time. With strikes mushrooming at the corner of every university campus in the country, I knew I had to get out – at least for myself. Continue Reading →

Twelve and only getting started.

I am just another twelve year old girl with friends, homework and hobbies. The only thing different about me is that I followed my dream (with the help of my parents of course!) They wanted me to know they believed in me, and that I too should believe in myself. Continue Reading →

Waste Not, Want Not: The Shoe that Changed it All!

“You are your most valuable asset and resource, and can be exploited to achieve great things.” —Roberto Gallotta, Co-Founder of Sols Sandals

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Next stop, success!

In the year of my matriculation from high school there was a sudden boom in interest for premium virgin hair. This kind of hair was not easily accessible. The market was not saturated either. So, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. I recall sitting at a hair salon, one day, and over hearing my hair-dresser in converse about their launch. They were looking for models to showcase the stock of  the premium virgin hair by a supplier. The audacity in me saw an opportunity. Getting up from my chair, I approached the hair-dresser and told him that I could arrange the girls for free (given that they would receive premium hair to the value of R3000). It was my buy-in; my “research costs” to acquaint myself with the supplier. We met at the launch, cut out the middle man, and the rest is history. Continue Reading →

The Lucrative Business of Black Market Products

I first tasted the entrepreneurial career when I was 8 years old. I was in primary school, selling football cards to my classmates. I would say to them: ‘why buy a pack and only end up with one that you need, when you can buy the three that you need from me, for the same amount?” I had mastered my first lesson: sales. To be an entrepreneur is to be a salesmen. The rest is detail.

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Is There Value in Entering a Congested Market?

Bokang Lehabe, the founder of Bookha Creations considers the challenges of entering a congested market, especially as a young entrepreneur with no experience and no capital. Is there always a way? Let us know what you think.

When Curious Conservatives Come Out to Play

Valerie Armani founder of Kahvarah seeks to find the middle ground between curiosity and being conservative within her clothing brand. She finds that experimenting with her ideas helps her learn quickly, whilst testing them out in the market shows her whether or not they are practical. Is it the practical who succeed, or the experimental? We don’t know. You tell us!

Farm, Yale, Wall Street: It’s a Tech Experience

Aaron Fuchs, co-founder of iXperience shares on testing his idea in the market shortly after conceptualizing it. As a farm boy who graduated from Yale and later went to work on Wall Street, Aaron started iXperience (a summer tech academy in Cape Town) as a solution to his social conscience.

Empower Your Distribution Channel to Grow Your Business

Zoe, co-founder of Niche Hair Care (which is the distributing company for the successful T444Z brand) shares on the opportunities gained by entrepreneurs once they know about the market that they are in. It is always about research. Zoe shares on how the company has empowered its distribution channels to help grow the business.

In Time There is Always a Way – DJ Zinhle the Entrepreneur

DJ Zinhle, the celebrated personality, shares on her lessons learnt in starting her watch and accessories brand: Era by DJ Zinhle. She has discovered that there is always a way – there’s always a solution for any entrepreneurial problem – one must just find it.

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I Am an Individual – With a Great Purpose

I am orphaned,  but I don’t do pity parties. I have been applauded under the banner of feminism several times, but there is more to my story than an agenda. There is a cause.

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A Vegetable Quiq-e: Creating a Global Brand

Casey Veggies and Anwar Carrots of Peas & Carrots International share on their creative tips to building a global brand. Revolutionizing street culture the entrepreneurial team has branched into South Africa after finding success in the United States and United Kingdom.

Being an Entrepreneur: 15% Passion. The Rest? Admin

My Name is Damian Goliath. I grew up in Kimberley. I am the eldest of four boys who were raised in a single parent home. Life was pretty tough. From a young age I had to learn to fight for what I wanted. I attended good schools due to scholarships I earned for cricket and hockey. I also ended up losing those scholarships as I was a rebellious mischievous boy to say the least.

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K-Word: Unapologetic Street Wear

Quiq-e is a bite-sized entertainment show hosted by Laurian Nortje. In this episode, we profile K-WORD: a socially conscious women’s street wear brand. Founder Cherize Ross shares on the opportunities for women entrepreneurs to break the glass ceiling—especially in the street wear market.

Stitching to Make it: Urban Culture 101

Diva and Sarah of Merwe Mode (a young South African Fashion Label that’s mixing its European street fashion influences with the creativity and independence of South African designs) dispels the myths about being successful in the fashion industry: “it’s not…about how you dress…it’s how the stitching looks!”

Does Slow and Steady Win the Race?

2Bop, the video game inspired brand, is one of the most influential street wear brands dominating the Southern African market. Their secret to success? Growing slowly and steadily – taking it one step at a time.


Butan: The Remix of Bantu Culture

Julian Kubel (founder) and brand rep Sammy of Butan talk about the financial challenges faced by designers in Street Wear – including lack of trust by investors. Butan Wear (founded in Cape Town) remixes the cultural heritage of South Africa, and gives it a new meaning. Over the years, the brand has expanded across Southern Africa, and is endorsed by various celebrated personalities such as Proverb and Slikour.

Passion. Care. Ubuntu

“Passion, Care (as the root of everything that I do) and Ubuntu” are the three words that describe me. Passion, because i’m passionate. Care, is the lense with which I look and measure my actions and those of others around me. Ubuntu, because it is the centre of my ethos, I believe in the African philosophy that we are all equal and interconnected – we are not fully human alone. This opinion is the absolute foundation of everything that I do in business.

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Starting Afresh: A Bheki Kunene Exclusive

Bheki Kunene is one of South Africa’s most celebrated and respected young entrepreneurs. The success of his company, Mindtrix, enables him to change the lives of over 40 people. But his journey was not easy to overcome because of his name.

With the infamous track record Kunene has had to start afresh: going from being known as a “thug” to a mogul.

The Blue Ocean of Interior Design

When I was a kid I used to spend hours making furniture for my Barbies and setting up their home before I even got to the actual ‘playing’. As a teenager my mother would also quip that if you stood in one place in my room for too long, you would be painted and redecorated. The art of design has always been a part of me. This passion, God, family and friends is collectively the inspiration that allows me to overcome all the challenges I face in pursuing the dream: Sion Studios. Continue Reading →

The Business of Discrimintation

David Morfaw from Cameroon, founder of Poult-Voult Inc, confesses about his worst day in business. “N****, leave us, because you haven’t put much money in!”

Morfaw is the 20 year old founder of one of Africa’s fastest growing agriculture business.

The personality of African youth entrepreneurship

Chineye Okoro Onu, of Mosaicspiration Project, inculcates artists in Ghana with social enterprise and innovation skills, by converting waste into art, and selling it for profits. Onu has faced many challenges in her entrepreneurial journey – but her smile and engaging personality has helped to keep both her and her team inspired.

Some footage courtesy of

Work to make your idea work!

Jeffrey Mulaudzi – a 22 year old entrepreneur based in Johannesburg – talks about the key to his entrepreneurial success: hard work. His strategy is simple: you have to work hard on your ideas for them to work in the market. At all times, you also have to treat your clients like kings. #entrepreneurship101 Sometimes, its the simple things that make the difference!

Definition: Social Entrepreneurship…

Thato, founder of Repurpose Schoolbags, felt the need to do something about school kids in her community carrying books in plastic bags, and decided to re-purpose the bags making them durable and environmentally friendly. Thato is the runner up for the 2014 Anzisha Prize

Entrepreneur by passion. Googler by Spirit

3 companies started. 1200 entrepreneurs helped. 100 business plans. 163 stamps in 2 passports. 49.6 days in planes. 33 800 hours studied after high school. 61 950 hours on a computer.

Craig Wing, one of Africa’s most influential entrepreneurs, talks entrepreneurship and office culture in a quiq-e.