On the Social Side

Posted on April 23, 2015

The Social Vibe (TSV) – as a play on words – taps into our characters as individuals and strategy as entrepreneurs. Personally, we love people. Professionally, we have created a way to bring out the humanity in the investment game by creating what we see potentially to be the mind-map of entrepreneurship in South Africa for investors.

Created over sunsets and fresh conversations the platforms is intended to showcase startups through banner sliders on its homepage, while making use of a strong and effective social media strategy by pushing the brands through our online networks. The user is the investor whilst the customer is the client. What makes us different in the market is that we understand the social culture of global economy and have incorporated it at every phase of the customer experience. We have taken what already exists, and made it better.
We are a two man band. This usually means that we have had to operate with hands on approach to all aspects of the company. As it stands, we are all things to all of its needs. However, it has been challenging at times having to address technical issues – especially since neither of us have a technical background. A key feature to the functionality of the website was the ability of users to click on a banner advertisement (independently) and be taken to an information page relating to the startup, its contact information and social media links. Given the theme, this couldn’t work. We were stunned. We found ourselves having to go back and forth between friends, techno geeks in the industry and even the developer just to create a solution that didn’t impede on our creative strategy as a whole. It took over a month to get that one thing right. But, it helped us realize that help is literally all around: people are always willing to help it is just a matter of time.

We are partners because we share the same values. When we first met through friends at a house warming last December, there was a connection between us that we believed could outstand any difference in opinion. We as partners trusted each other. We trusted that, even if one couldn’t meet at a particular time – or perform an activity in a particular way – at the end of the day the objective would be completed, regardless of the method taken to complete it.

Our story is new. We believe that it is an exciting one. Since the launch of TSV on the 1 April, 2015 we have learnt that there’s always an opportunity that can be created, even in a seemingly congested market. Having an adapting mind-set to the social structure of the global economy always positions one at an advantage. It’s not always the big ideas that make it, but the simple solutions that add to convenience that make customers come back, and back again.

Our motto: be social and understand people. It is the only factor that drives business.

This is Grant Vanderwagen and Elizabeth Crockett