Young, Gifted and Soulful

Posted on June 26, 2019

Mpumalanga born entrepreneur Nkululeko Nkosi is leading a team of passionate writers in South Africa and Swaziland to give audiences insight into Southern Africa’s underground music and sub-culture space. The insights come together to form the blog ‘NuSoulhub Radio’ which reaches some three thousand hits every month. “Our core purpose it to provide an alternative to mainstream media. There are a multitude of artists who want to be introduced to new audiences, and plethora of fans ooking for that type of content.”

NuSoulhub Radio started as Nkosi’s creative release and a much needed break from his studies when he was still a student at the University of Pretoria. “It started out as a blog where I would personally profile my favourite artists who played in the underground and alternative space.” In 2018, the platform reached an impressive twenty thousand visits despite the niche focus of the blog. This success has translated into attained revenue targets and paramount opportunities which are segmenting the brand name across the continent. In February this year, Nkululeko was invited to speak on a branding and publicity panel at the ONGEA summit in Nairobi, Kenya.

I am insanely passionate about digital. The possibilities are endless. One of the biggest advantages of building digital platforms is that the boundries of entry in industries that were once difficult to get into are now relaxed.

Although increasing digitization and mobile penetration in Africa has made doing business easier and markets more accessible, it has also made doing business more competitive. “The toughest challenge I face in the business has to be the unpredictability of it, client acquisition and retention; as well as monetizing digital content.” To balance this, NuSoulhub Radio is connecting with audiences offline through the ‘Make Me Feel’ residency in partnership with a popular Braamfontein based pub. “I got a call from ‘Broaden A New Sound’ which is an events agency that develops and runs events at Kitchener’s. ‘Make Me Feel’ was meant to be a one time event but its success has allowed it to grow into a residency.”

Some of Nkululeko’s business moves are inspired by fellow digital entrepreneurs like Fezile Dlamini of Nokwe Digital and Green Scooter as well as Caron Williams of The Throne Magazine and Agency. “Caron is a force to be reckoned with. She’s completely disrupted the media space by creating an authentic voice for the youth.” Nkululeko is also the co-founder of ‘WeDigitize’ which has pivoted to become a digital media, marketing and technology agency. Soon he’ll be launching an e-commerce platform that will fuse his passion for fashion, food, technology and music. (www.saturatedstore.com)

In his patriotic spirit, Nkululeko is already aligning his studies to suit what he believes will be the future of African digital and media industries. “I am currently studying law at the University of South Africa with plans to venture in to media, entertainment, technology and cyber law. A lot of new industries are forming in Africa which presents a great opportunity for young people to shape laws and regulation.” Nkululeko urges creative entrepreneurs to be as passionate about owning their work as they are about creating it especially in the wake of 4IR and current digital disruptions. “We live in a world that is increasingly digital. In my opinion, it is without doubt that we live in a time where digital strategies should form part of the overall strategies centred around doing business.”