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Posted on June 6, 2013

Welcome to the land of MilQ and Honey

Walking down the pathway towards the “Land of MilQ and Honey” house always gives us a sense of excitement. Because we are living out our dreams. Our business: which is a merge between fashion, health and beauty, was birthed to serve purpose to what we believe and stand for: celebrating the beauty of women. 

milqand honey

Upon the passing of our mother, we had the opportunity to convert her dream house into these visions of a full-service business that we had carried for a while. We took it, and began converting the space to embody this world where women could escape to. In this journey of creating a brand we quickly learnt the importance of a team that has a synchronized vision with you, its leader, and that takes heed to your guidance. For it meant that the idea of celebrating the woman behind the customer would be channeled through every person who met with the customer during its experience in our land.

Gabriella, who is the visionary behind the spa, formed an intense appreciation for beauty and therapy in her early days of modelling. Travelling around the world for photoshoots for some of the worlds most circulated print titles (such as Sports Illustrated) meant a quick massage and facial was in order, to get through the day. Kelly, the fashion fanatic and the inspiration behind runway shows fell head-over-heels with materials from her early days of making her own clothes, under dimmed lights in her bedroom. To Kelly its always been about the unique experience; texture and the colours of the materials we use: all the products we create have an expression of Africa imprinted on them, furthermore, we ensure that they are a unique creation – because every African woman is unique.

482877_552608911446770_1465778380_nAs teenagers we daydreamed about opening a beauty spa, organic kitchen and a fashion label all under one roof, and like any two headstrong individuals, would fight and bicker about the possible name details of the dream. But much has changed over the years: now we fight about the operational issues of our dream-made-reality. At the office; it was Gabriella who was known as the big boss, and everyone would run to Kelly if they ever needed something. But now things have changed. Let’s just say: the devil wears MilQ and Honey.

Our mother taught us to be independent: constantly taking control of and celebrating her life. And even in her illness, she maintained her ethos of inspiration. She always said, “I am not going to sit around, feel sorry for myself and die.” Its words like that cause further impetus to Gabriella’s drive to achieve. And in celebration of this empowering woman, we support the Cancer Research Wing of the Groote Schuur Hospital: serving as the recipient of proceeds from our fashion shows.

The beauty of a woman is internal first, then reflected out. At MilQ and Honey our purpose is to magnify that reflection and invite women to indulge themselves with unlimited pampering, a chance to sample delectable and healthy organic meals and spoil themselves with garments that make them feel like the goddesses that they are: all in a bold and ultra-feminine way.

We are proudly dreamers, celebrators and change makers. we are youngpreneur. 

Gabriella and Kelly

  • Fashionista CT ♥

    Milq and Honey is AMAZING! kelly and gabi did an amazing job! their ambition will take them to even greater heights!!!!

  • iamyoungpreneur

    truly inspirational

  • Tanya Talisa

    wow ! keep shinning your light ladies… Mikq and Honey’s futur’s sooo bright – should start designing some shades ;)