Its ok to Burp … when you are making money from it!

Posted on February 1, 2014

We only care about the problems identified. That is the purpose of our business … to provide the solutions. 

The core strategy of our company is to concern ourselves with the problems we have heard our users and those of other food apps convey. No doubt, there are many food apps in the market (solving different problems.) However, because we do not see them as competition, but as alternatives, we strive ourselves to understand the common mistakes made across the market to pioneer through its clutter.

Living abroad has empowered us as entrepreneurs. We have experienced first-hand the vast differences between cultures, in every factor, including something so basic as food. Our fascination with that has allowed us to create Burpple – an application purposed to effortlessly allow people to communicate over and share about their food moments: a boundless experience which similar social media apps have proven to evoke much pleasure to its users. But, Burpple is more than just another beautiful application for food lovers, our main inspiration has always come from the desire to design seamless experiences and smart solutions to real-world problems experienced by people … including ourselves. As a result, we have gone all-out to ensure that:

  1.  The app is the easiest way to remember and share food moments (past and present.) We do this by automatically suggesting where, when and even the type of meal you had – incase you forgot the minor details.
  2. The only people who recommend to you are those you trust,  and
  3. All your food moments and recommendations are easy to find, and stored in the app journal.

After its launch in 2012 we were excited to see the activity of the application similar to that of Instagram’s early stages. As developers we watched users return day-after-day to interact with the service. Our brand was being incorporated into people’s lifestyles. It meant that we were doing something right. Over the years it has been difficult to maintain the growing market percentages that we established when we entered the scene. However, that has much to do with the season of the brand. Being new and fresh is only the first step of the journey, maintaining the position is really separates a great idea from a successful business endeavour. Today, Burpple users span across 45 countries.

Our most fond experience was a marketing campaign launched in Singapore that got the attention of at least 1 in 4 people across the country. We launched an infographic “how to launch Kopi like a pro”) which got incredibly famous: 20 million viewers and over 20 000 likes on social media.  We decided to take the concept further and create a website: ´Help Kopi Overseas.´ The concept was to create a social media campaign that promoted Southeast Asian coffee and food culture around the world through new media communications. Within its’ launch week, the campaign had generated an international buzz – reaching 35 countries in all.

The successes of the campaign only echoed the values that we had already established. Consumers make our brand. Consumers drive our brand. We started a business because someone had a problem with not being able to share their food moments. We are still in business because we have learnt how to make sure that our consumers incorporate us into their lifestyles. The concept of Burpple is very simple, and so has been its’ strategy over the years – all it takes is to listen to your consumer. Their issues map out the values and opportunities for your company.

All it takes is one problem,