In Zim and Bold

Posted on June 30, 2013

From model to entrepreneur … I am not just a pretty face. 

With the intention of launching an events management company I started Thandi Muringa Management Inc (TMMI) however through time events managements is what it failed to do; as the company began to evolve in the direction of social impact.

The other component of TMMI is what I would term a “Creative Hub.” It is a space where young people in the creative industry can have access to an office where they can professionally communicate and present themselves to the world. It started when I needed the products of creative services in the setup of my energy company. I needed a website and graphic designer, but because it was a startup company, I couldn’t pay people to do those things. So instead of allowing finances to hinder my growth opportunities, I invited them all into my workspace. Collectively, because we are all interlinked, we could provide services for each other – helping each other grow in our personal ventures. At the end of the day I still had the electric and internet bill, which are fixed. Therefore having one or ten people use it made no difference at all. Thus it was about finding opportunities for other people with what I had, to create a system that would be mutually beneficial to all parties.


Through this Creative Hub I have been excited for the longest of times because of some of the initiatives that we are starting up. One of the members of the space has been involved in organising the Ted Talk in Braamfontein. We realised, being young and aspirational, why should we keep promoting someone else’s brand when we can boost our own and set up platforms which spread ideas in Zimbabwe? From these discussions we decided to host digitally organised talks which are open to a global audience that is present during the discussion. Every week we have industry aficionados from Zimbabwe share their ideas, thoughts and opinions  on various topics in which young people, through social platforms, can be an integral part of it.  The platform is about opening discussions between the change makers and its drivers on a social yet professional platform – making accessible the plans of ministers to young people who are aware of the potentials of Zimbabwe and seek to take advantage of them.

I believe my travels impacted my attitude towards life dramatically.Being able to not see the same mundane things everyday gave me the audacity to try things out. Now I have, and I am living in the results of that fearlessness.

It is not about just dreaming anymore. Its about being bold in that dream. I Am.

I am youngpreneur