I am the Queen of Vintage

Posted on August 6, 2013

It’s not about clothes. It’s about a movement!

Nonhlanhla Mditshwa is a Cape Town based entrepreneur who started a fashion movement called ‘it’s a textile’…

it’s a textile is a monthly event that invites vintage collectors and designers to sell their products in an open market: free from the red tape of retailers.

Nonhlanhla is passionate about having people see value in their clothes

And that goes beyond items that are in fashion at a particular point, to products which could still generate income after being worn.

It may have taken 15 years for the budding entrepreneur to reach her level of success, but now that she is making waves in Cape Town’s Greenpoint scene, she intends to make it’s a textile a global brand in the coming years.

Tiger-Lily is a pioneer of vintage clothing in SA

Called Tiger-Lily by her friends, Nonhlanhla has always had a passion for textiles and old clothes. In fact, the reason she decided to start the “it’s a textile” movement was because she had so many clothes, that she needed to find a creative way of making space in her closet!

Inspired by her parents to be an entrepreneur, Tiger-Lily decided to create her own brand. “Setting up this brand has taught me patience, perseverance and persistence.”

Finding something that she is passionate about has helped her stick to her goals. She believes that there is a shortage of platforms for young entrepreneurs in the fashion industry to sell their products. She wants to help mobilise young people to think in a more business-minded way.