Closing the gap between my dreams and reality

Posted on May 22, 2014

Having potential alone does not help. My mentor once told me that the worst thing that could happen to me, was to end up in some lab somewhere creating ideas that would never reach the world. I realised that I had to fill in the gap between my ideas and impacting the world! The formulation of my business created the avenue for this: it gave me a way to take the imaginations of my mind, and realise them.

Kholofelo Moyaba Designs is a graphic design and mobile app development business that started in my bedroom, and is now behind the development of one of South Africa’s leading applications: GoMetro Android App. It provides a platform for the country’s commuters to improve their public transport experience, by accessing real-time relevant information. It dawned on me, once, after watching a TED talk on how African innovation is genuine innovation because it is driven by necessity, that in our underdevelopment lies our opportunities as young entrepreneurs. Causing further impetus to this, is the fact that we live in an information age. Almost overnight, we have the ability to become experts. Therefore, especially in Africa, not only are we surrounded by opportunity – but – we have the ability to create / learn how to create the solutions.

GoMetro was released at the end of last year. To date, it has been used more than 80 000 times. I found it quite challenging to start-up. I learnt that concentrating on what everyone else is doing can be very distracting. Doing this, soon, people fail to discover the special ingredient that their business and ideas brings to the mix. It is a good thing that I have discovered how to handle challenges. I handle most of my challenges through introspect. Realising what you really want and prioritising can make even the seemingly difficult challenges seem silly!

Although I have been entrepreneurial since the early days of my youth, it is only now that I have considered myself an entrepreneur. I have taken advantage of technology to teach myself what I don’t know – so that I can utilize on the challenges faced economically and socially across the continent.

My final thoughts to young entrepreneurs? Don’t give up. When you fall, get up.