Anything But Average

Yacoob Carr is the founder of Munaaz Catering Equipment. Growing up in an average family, he constantly took steps that would make him everything but average. The dreamer turned successful young entrepreneur worked through the challenges of his entrepreneurial journey, situating himself as one of the most influential players in Africa’s catering industry.

Farm, Yale, Wall Street: It’s a Tech Experience

Aaron Fuchs, co-founder of iXperience shares on testing his idea in the market shortly after conceptualizing it. As a farm boy who graduated from Yale and later went to work on Wall Street, Aaron started iXperience (a summer tech academy in Cape Town) as a solution to his social conscience.

All you need is soap and water!

Ruth McNaughton, the Port Elizabeth based, young entrepreneur makes garments using mohair and felt with a variety of knitting techniques. She opens customers’ eyes to the exciting world of sustainable design and its endless possibilities.

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Michael Masinga: the proverbial designer

Michael Masinga is a graphic designer and founder of Studio Thinkers currently living and working in Johannesburg, South Africa.

One of Masinga’s most recognized works is The Proverbs Project, which illustrates the wisdom of the Biblical book through typography. Each typographic artwork is framed, printed on t-shirts, sweaters, throw pillows, and tote bags. It was also transformed into an eye-catching coffee table book. He showcased at the Design Indaba 2014 as an emerging creative.

First you don’t succeed? Try and try again!

Erika Wessels, a young jeweler, based in Salt River Cape Town had to learn to not give up. She made her first sale after the third showcasing at one of South Africa’s most thriving markets at the Old Biscuit Mill. Last week, her now popular brand showcased at the Design Indaba 2014, a major event for the city of Cape Town as the World Design Capital.

When Chairs Teach You

Simone Biggs, young interior designer, recently quits her job security to follow through with Edu Chair: an educational chair targeted at children ages 3-8. She showcases for the first time at the Cape Town Design Indaba 2014, a major event for the city as the 2014  Design Capital of the World.

Innovative Carpentry

Inga Gubeka is an entrepreneurial designer based in Cape Town. His innovative and beautiful take on carpentry has afforded him global distribution opportunities from his plywood bags. Showcasing at the Design Indaba 2014 Inga watched the world come to him, finalising deals with European retailers right through to Australia.

Turning Blankets into Trench Coats

Thabo Makhetha emerging designer and young entrepreneur showcases at the Cape Town Design Indaba 2014. Her traditional Basotho blanket trench coats attract international exposure this year, as Cape Town hosts one of its’ major events as the World Design Capital.

Big up to Thabo, you have made us warm and proud!


School robotics: using robots to solve the African education problem

My name is Solomon King. I am 30, Ugandan, and believe that robotics can transform education across Africa.

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Doing business in the hood! Why not?

In every step of the journey I have had to prove myself. Initially, corporates would not touch me because I am black, young and have a small business.

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Started from the bottom … now I am here!

Second year of University my father died. His estate was frozen. Instantly, I became broke.

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Stop being dumb, GetSmarter

Want to build a R 100 million company … in a couple of years?

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“The Hubspace” #iamyoungpreneur

Taking kids from the streets to the boadroom

Be the revolution. Not an evolution.

You need to innovate to be rich. You need to be profitable to be rich. One cannot be without the other. 

Creating wealth ekasi (township) #iamyoungpreneur

A township is not a place for the poor. Well, at least not in Vincent’s case.

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Tyovan Ari: The IT Protégée

I started my business illegally. It didn’t stop me from doing business with  the government.

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The Next Big Beverage #iamyoungpreneur

Trauma surgeon, check! New beverage company, check! Successful beverage company turning the heads of Coke … check!  Continue Reading →

Lazuli Sets Up Shop in Canal Walk

“All eyes on us, all eyes on our brand, and what we have created.” —Layla Cassim, for Lazuli

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Amy de Castro: What to do when you go global!

What to do when your business goes global, in its first year! 

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Constant Meiring, aisle_B’s tech guru

I was privileged enough to grow up in front of a computer – while other kids were playing rugby, I was playing around with programming and playing Space Quest. Now I am the one who is rich.

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Stuart Minnaar – You are the Brand

It’s simple, if you are not on the internet, you do not exist!

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I am the Queen of Vintage

It’s not about clothes. It’s about a movement! Continue Reading →

Calling all creatives to BOASTON SOCIETY

Elisha Mpofu: Content Producer. Creative. Entrepreneur.

It’s a tea story

Tea has always been the foundation of the business idea; and, after recognising the fast-paced world that we live in, I thought to myself: Why not try take-away tea? Continue Reading →

Jacques Blom: Changing the Face of Facebook

Who would have thought a fourteen year old from South Africa would create something that enhances Facebook? Can’t wait to turn fifteen!

Things to do:

1. Wake up

2. Change the world

3. Have breakfast

Every minute, an entrepreneur is born. That’s my story, and i am sticking with it!