Join the Tribe

Kate Nero of Tribe Coffee narrates her journey to owning a third of one of Africa’s most successful coffee brands. After working for a competitor, she and her partners thought to themselves: “Why can’t we do that?” The rest, as the saying goes, is history. Continue Reading →

Anything But Average

Yacoob Carr is the founder of Munaaz Catering Equipment. Growing up in an average family, he constantly took steps that would make him everything but average. The dreamer turned successful young entrepreneur worked through the challenges of his entrepreneurial journey, situating himself as one of the most influential players in Africa’s catering industry.

A Modern Day Classic: The Untold Story of the Spinach King

Lufefe Nomjana is one of South Africa’s most celebrated young entrepreneurs. After creating spinach bread, he quickly found international fame as the “spinach king.” But the journey of the entrepreneur wasn’t always easy. After being exposed to the “wrong side” of life he found his way back to his “purpose” and started the company, all to leave a legacy for his family.

Starting Afresh: A Bheki Kunene Exclusive

Bheki Kunene is one of South Africa’s most celebrated and respected young entrepreneurs. The success of his company, Mindtrix, enables him to change the lives of over 40 people. But his journey was not easy to overcome because of his name.

With the infamous track record Kunene has had to start afresh: going from being known as a “thug” to a mogul.

It takes Love to Kushn

Greer Valley and her husband Themba Mntambo are the founders of Kushn. In just over two years they have built one of Africa’s most trendy leather goods brands – sourcing materials from Ghana, Ethiopia and South Africa.

The Department of Coffee: A fresh cup of reality

The Department of Coffee


The founders of Department of Coffee (DOC) explore the challenges of bringing a new entrepreneurial concept to an environment. Is it possible to introduce a market to a new idea, or should one work with ideas known to be successful in specific communities?

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