Young, Gifted and Soulful

Mpumalanga born entrepreneur Nkululeko Nkosi is leading a team of passionate writers in South Africa and Swaziland to give audiences insight into Southern Africa’s underground music and sub-culture space. The insights come together to form the blog ‘NuSoulhub Radio’ which reaches some three thousand hits every month. “Our core purpose it to provide an alternative to mainstream media. There are a multitude of artists who want to be introduced to new audiences, and plethora of fans ooking for that type of content.” Continue Reading →

We should all be STEMinists


Ian Mangenga, founder of Digital Girl Africa, quit her job to empower young girls by launching a digital hub that accelerates women towards entrepreneurship in digital technology. The hub is purposed towards supporting aspiring and existing woman business owners with tech related tools to scale their impact.  Continue Reading →

See the world through her Doodles and Poetry

If you happen to come across a cellphone cover adorned by the image of a powerful and regal African woman, it’s probably designed by Sinomonde Ngwane. She’s the founder of Doodles and Poetry – a conceptual studio producing honest and human-centered graphic design material. She’s well trained in the business of art having sold handmade birthday cards and key holders as a teenager. Continue Reading →

African storytelling in a digital revolution


Fezeka Mkhabela is a Wits University BA Film and Television student and who is using South Africa’s growing YouTube audience to make bank. She’s the founder of Films by Fezeka, an emerging production company that collaborates with YouTube personalities to create, edit and publish engaging content. The company has also produced three short films and a popular YouTube poetry series titled ‘Nefro’ – a three part exploration of love, loss and redemption.

I don’t think there’s ever been a better time than now to be a black woman in film and in business. We’re able to take advantage of opportunities that we were previously excluded from. Also, seeing a bigger representation of black women on the big screen is empowering.

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Freedom to ripe the fruit of the earth

27764-935x701Thula Ndema and Thato Masondo are the creators of SOBAE – the latest delight in Johannesburg’s frozen treats made from 100% fruit, water, ice and a handpicked selection of herbs and spices. What began as a routine visit to the local farmer’s market sparked the idea to use overly ripe fruit sold at almost throwaway prices to produce a refined fruit dessert. “We would cycle around the city and would pass farmer’s market. We noticed how cheap the fruits were – especially the overripe fruit, which were being sold at prices like three rand. We realized that we could make a product while still keeping our costs very low.” – Thato.

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Giving digital power to Africa’s entrepreneurs


Mashudu Modau is the creative entrepreneur behind South Africa’s podcast network dedicated to amplifying the voices of Africa’s youth, Lutcha Africa. The self-proclaimed youth entrepreneurship evangelist and startup supporter is also the founder of Mashstartup – an interactive digital platform built to educate and empower African entrepreneurs through engaging content. He’s using digital media to connect young people to opportunity while documenting the rise of youth-owned business in modern day Africa. “We want to shift the way entrepreneurs and African youth in general learn, build and grow themselves or their business through digital content, primarily podcasts, and other future initiatives.”

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Reshaping Stereotypes in African Fashion


Psychology graduate Bontle Mosia is an entrepreneur using fashion as a tool to celebrate African print and body image to positively empower young women. “I started the Curve Essentials as a Facebook page in 2015 in order to promote body positivity and self love [then] in 2017 I lost my job and needed a way to make money as the bills were piling up.” Bontle posted samples of her work on Twitter and the response was strong enough to help the brand take off.

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Building African brands (and African women) with passion and purpose

phemelo 1Phemelo Segoe is the social media maven using digital media to build lasting brands that tell authentic stories. She’s the founder of brand building agency MillTribe and her newly launched foundation, HerTribe, which empowers young women with the tools they need to navigate through the journey of entrepreneurship.

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Weaving the future of African fashion

Khaya Sithole of Menspoke Atelier says his business is driven by the vision to create a proudly South African brand – powerful enough to compete globally while allowing him to share his passion for bespoke tailoring with other men. Khaya is the founding Creative Director at Menspoke Atelier – a bespoke tailoring house specializing in shirt making and accessories.

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All About the Beauty… and Brains

Award-winning entrepreneur Lebo Mpela’s introduction to entrepreneurship was influenced by the need to have fashionable nails without compromising the health of her own natural nails. “I drew from my own bad experiences with acrylic nails and the damage that they cause. That’s why our product is a three-free formula because it doesn’t contain the three toxic chemicals commonly found in nail polish – your nails still grow and remain strong underneath.”

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Home of Local Online Shopping

Vusi Mabona is the founder of – a premium online marketplace for South African brands. It allows customers to shop from a range of locally manufactured products including books, watches, homeware and personal care brands. The idea to build a platform exclusively for local entrepreneurs was developed after Vusi needed to reach customers for his first business which traded interior design accessories.

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What it takes to be Magnificent with Abiot Ledwaba


Young people are not interested in solving problems. We want to become entrepreneurs because we are fixated with a showy lifestyle that we see on social media or we’re excited with the idea of being our own boss.

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Exposing a New Generation of African Storytellers

It wasn’t until her fourth year in medical school that Nkateko Masinga realised that her true calling is to heal people through her words. “Before I decided to study medicine I contemplated studying journalism or literature but I was discouraged by the advice that there is no money in the arts and I should rather pursue a career that will give me more security.” Now a published author and the owner of Nsuku Publishing, Nkateko is shattering that stereotype and also creating opportunities for young African storytellers to monetise their work.

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Tell Our Story in Everyday Apparel

Zintle Intokazi which directly translates into “the girls are beautiful” is using simple, everyday apparel to change the narrative of what it means to be young and African while also celebrating influential African figures.

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Fresh Kicks On the Go with Happy Feet

Growing up in the townships of South Africa means learning how to sustain yourself with little resources, using a few skills that many of us discover along the way, and knowing how to leverage off the ever vibrant and bustling sense of community. This is exactly what Ofentse Dakisa is doing with his mobile sneaker cleaning business – Happy Feet Footwear Laundry.

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The Business of a Girl Boss

21 Year old digital entrepreneur Tebatso Molapo says she was frustrated with the fact that most of the successful business owners in the small town from which she hails were men. “I saw a gap in  female-owned businesses in my hometown in Limpopo and I wanted to create a platform that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship while also building a sisterhood among female entrepreneurs.”

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Shen Scott: From a Movement to the Boardroom

Pretoria-based creative entrepreneur is changing perceptions and challenging social norms – one image at a time. After realizing the interest for his photographs on social media, he joined a local university newspaper as a photojournalist and did a short internship withThe Times. Later that year, Shen Scott was at the forefront of capturing the iconic #FeesMustFall movement in protest action.

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Change Agent Gugu Nonjinge Means Business

Staff Writer: Dimpho Lekgeu

Powerful agent of change, Gugu Nonjinge, has a deep passion for uplifting the lives of African women. It’s no wonder her company – LeBrunch SA – facilitates a social platform that engages young women from diverse backgrounds to connect and network.

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Creating the World’s Greatest Smartphone Lenses for Any Phone Camera (Part Two)

In this second part of the quiq-e, founders of Limelens share on the mistakes and lessons learnt along their journey to building the world’s greatest smartphone lenses. Limelens is driven to create products that integrate into the daily lives of ordinary people.The company has seen great growth as a result of creating tools that reinvent old technology.

Creating the World’s Greatest Smartphone Lenses for Any Phone Camera (Part One)

In this quiq-e, founders of Limelens share on their journey to building the world’s greatest smartphone lenses. Driven to create products that integrate into the daily lives of ordinary people, the company has seen great growth as a result of creating tools that reinvent old technology.

How to Secure the Market: The Story of New Entrants Taking Over!

David and Chazanne Long are unlikely entrepreneurs in many eyes. The qualified scientists expected to be employed in academia or corporate South Africa. After a decade of employment, the young professionals, resolved to offer a new generation of scientific laboratories and consultancy.

The Pitbull in Heels Tells It All

Farah Fortune is possibly the most successful female entrepreneur in the public relations industry. Having founded her company 8 years ago she’s garnered experience that has led her to the top. In this Quiq-e with Laurian, she shares her tips and strategies to become the best in your environment

The African Story is Being Retold

“My good friend OfentseLetebele was selected as the BOS Ice Tea design-a-can competition winner in 2014 and he asked me to assist him with his PR campaign to which I agreed because that’s what friends do”, she explains. After a successful campaign, Mamabolo was approached by more young entrepreneurs in her circle to do PR and media relations work.

Dealing with legal issues in your new business venture

No matter how young or old you are when you start a new business the problems all entrepreneurs face are very similar. Start out with a good business plan set out properly because the first problem is likely to be finance; setting up a business requires some capital or line of credit and having a business plan will help secure it. When that problem has been overcome, there are legal issues to think about. The business must be put onto a proper legal footing as soon as possible.

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The cost of being relevant: unravelling the business of art

“We’re in an industry where artists are not respected as business men and women. Artists are taken advantage of because of the need of exposure, where as galleries without art, are just walls,” explains Ronald Muchatuta, a Cape Town based artist who is not afraid to explore controversial topics.

What Brexit Means for Young Entrepreneurs

On June 23 the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. The result has caused a ripple of effects in the business world as young entrepreneurs and business leaders alike maneuver to establish what this means for their companies.
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Samantha Ngcolomba: The Modern Age Wonder Woman

“I had come across a story of a woman who was assaulted by her partner.” This is how Samantha Ngcolomba, the bubbly social entrepreneur starts her story. “He placed her in a dustbin, then set it alight. This incident both scarred and inspired me,” she retells in both shock and wonder.

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Yoliswa Cele on Changing the South African Youth Narrative


“Young South Africans are only relevant when burning things down. I’d attend economic forums to find in room full of international players, one Nigerian; one Kenyan and no South African. How could this be when South Africa is a giant on the continent,” questions Yoliswa Cele, co-founder of Ndosi Strategies.

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G2 Boomboxesimage

The Unique Experience of Grove Audio

“My first memory of music was Daft Punk’s around the world. I remember it (ironically) blaring through the speakers of the television set at home. It had been a music video. Even though the medium has changed, the love and appreciation for audio continued – even until now.”

Olivia on Making Room in a (Seemingly) Crowded Market

“I don’t operate the same way as other startups in Kenya do. Incubators have mushroomed all over, providing space for startups to engage with one another, as well as engage with investors. This is a good thing, but I prefer silence. I prefer to work in spaces that are peaceful and quiet, where I hear birds chirping in the background.”