It takes Love to Kushn

Greer Valley and her husband Themba Mntambo are the founders of Kushn. In just over two years they have built one of Africa’s most trendy leather goods brands – sourcing materials from Ghana, Ethiopia and South Africa.

Selling Ice in Winter

Co-Founder of Las Paletas (Spanish for ice lollies) talks about how her & her husband have successfully built the now famed sorbet and dairy brand. By adjusting their product offering they were able to convert the seasonal product into a must-have in winter.

The Travelling Brand

The four founders of Vagabond Kitchens employ a dynamic strategy: their brand identity changes as their location changes – being true to their name. In a world where identity and location impact success, these entrepreneurs are flipping the concepts of strategy 101 over.

Butter just got nutty!

Anton van Heerden is the founder of ButtaNutt Tree Nut Spreads. At the Good Food & Wine Show he shares on the dynamics of growing his business. First he must educate his market, then sell his products to his consumers and continue to build strong relationships with both suppliers of tree nuts and the consumers. This simple procedure (after a year of operation) has allowed him to expand his product offering.

How to turn your craving into a sweet success

Susan Labuschagne and her sister are behind the founding of the successful family business: Sweet Temptations Toffees. At the Good Food & Wine Show 2014 she shares how her mother’s business influence has grown her confidence and communication skills to help interact with customers.

Susan’s role in the family business is customer interaction and sales, and encourages other young entrepreneurs to be confident in what they do.

Ethical Food that Actually Tastes Good!

Four principles behind building an organic food brand!

Founders of “Inside & You’re Out” share their strategy behind the success of the brand at the Good Food & Wine Show 2014. The company is a mobile burger concept of seriously gourmet organic burgers – a first on the African continent!

The Department of Coffee: A fresh cup of reality

The Department of Coffee


The founders of Department of Coffee (DOC) explore the challenges of bringing a new entrepreneurial concept to an environment. Is it possible to introduce a market to a new idea, or should one work with ideas known to be successful in specific communities?

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Buying a Top Safari Lodge

I am inspired by the idea of retiring at 30 years. It has always been the passion behind my business. I never started it because I have a love for animals, nature or luxury accommodation (even though I do.) The journey began purely to make money. Simple.

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Rocking the boat through social enterprise

The largely open-plan concept 3,100-square-foot space includes a lounge area with views of the bustling Robert Sobukwe Road. There is a corner nook by the fireplace perfect for brainstorming sessions, with two meeting rooms and a seminar room for when privacy is needed. In designing the space, it was important to me to develop an environment where members are inspired to be innovate, are able to work collectively as a group as well as have the potential to bump into their next business partner.

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What it takes to make it in Africa

Often, I say that I stumbled on my business idea. The Jathropha tree is a very common sight in Tanzania. So when I learnt (after attending a conference with my brother) of the tree’s medicinal qualities from its’ seeds, I thought: Jackpot, there is an opportunity here.

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The sixth sense for the blind

The inspiration behind creating Mubser came from wanting to help a close friend who lost his eyesight in an accident at the age of 15. Initially it wasn’t about creating a business, but rather trying to figure out a way to help him. Mubser is a wearable belt fully equipped with Bluetooth and Microsoft Kinect, that guides visually impaired individuals to navigate safely around objects and obstacles using a system of vibration motors. Continue Reading →

Being the Outlier in IT

I decided to name my application after a fruit- Ffene, which means ‘jackfruit’ in Luganda. I didn’t have Apple in mind, although I am aware of the similarity, it wasn’t the biggest consideration. The name was about finding an object that was familiar, not technical and intimidating for users.

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Another man’s waste is my income!

Never overlook your history. Our stories (experiences) prepare us to become exceptional entrepreneurs. It is my journey in poverty that allows me truly solve a problem in Burkina Faso. What does your story do for you?  Continue Reading →

Words from the veteran: How to Create a Killer-App

The end-user is the driving force behind your business. So, before you do anything, before you start cutting code or arranging pixels, you really need to think about them.

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Playing with the Rich Kids

To be rich, you have got to act rich till you become rich. That is what people pay for. Continue Reading →

Who can help the Moroccan entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship in Morocco is fairly new – almost like a culture shock to the traditional business mentality that the civilians have come to know. So much so, that it is quite ironic that this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit is to be hosted by Casablanca, the capital city of Morocco.

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All you need is soap and water!

Ruth McNaughton, the Port Elizabeth based, young entrepreneur makes garments using mohair and felt with a variety of knitting techniques. She opens customers’ eyes to the exciting world of sustainable design and its endless possibilities.

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Michael Masinga: the proverbial designer

Michael Masinga is a graphic designer and founder of Studio Thinkers currently living and working in Johannesburg, South Africa.

One of Masinga’s most recognized works is The Proverbs Project, which illustrates the wisdom of the Biblical book through typography. Each typographic artwork is framed, printed on t-shirts, sweaters, throw pillows, and tote bags. It was also transformed into an eye-catching coffee table book. He showcased at the Design Indaba 2014 as an emerging creative.